Jessica Hill Profile

Riding my horse

I have lived in South Devon all my life, starting from a very young age art has held an unavoidable fascination for me. These days I am always challenging myself with new ideas, inspiration comes from all aspects of life, particularly music and culture.

My grandfather Maurice was also a keen artist, he lived not far from my family home and I visited him every Monday for lunch. When I was very young we would sit down and he would teach me how to draw the basics, mostly drawing on paper but as I remember we had a lot of fun making models with clay. When I was a little older I loved to go to work with my dad Carl during weekends and school holidays, being a farrier he would travel all over the countryside giving me the perfect opportunity to study and draw at each stop. I especially loved it when we were on the moors in the rain, I have always loved the rain and have found it very inspiring, for some reason to this day it just makes me want to get my paints out and create something full of life and energy!

It took a lot of practice for me to master a drawing of the perfect horse. However this wasn’t enough, I was about 12 years old and full of passion for these beautiful animals and I wanted to interpret this enthusiasm into my artwork. I played around with colours in an attempt to stylize my pictures, I wanted to enhance the unique characteristics on my paper differently to any other.

I now use many bright colours and love to use pallet knives, I feel layering the paint on thick gives texture, life and movement to the canvas. I seem to be getting bigger and bolder as I go on and each piece gives me a new idea for the next. I feel privileged to be able to paint for a living as it is something I will never stop loving to do!


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